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Minerbase cypto mining container


Minerbase is a leading provider in datacenter solutions and software technology services. As part of the crypto ecosystem, we’re dedicated to improving efficiency of mining activities. We’ve seen how the industry develops and grows quickly with expensive costs of building mining operations. The increasing demand led us to rethink and redirect our focus towards a mobilized solution.

Since our first generation of mobile mining container, ANTBOX, was launched, the overwhelming responses and demands helped us accelerate the process of improving the mobile mining data center’s efficiency. A new generation of the data centers, Minerbase, is launched in different series with - mining container (immersion cooling and air cooling series and thermal tank ( water heat recovery series)).

About Our Team

With 160 employees from Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba, Bitmain and other leading tech companies across the globe, Minerbase team has accumulated rich experience in software and hardware technologies while holding a number of core technology patents in the field of container data centers.

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