Immersion Cooling
Mining Container

Minerbase immersion cooling L series mining container

Immersion Cooling L Series

The immersion cooling technologyis an emerging practice in the crypto mining industry. It removes the heat generated by ASIC miners by circulating cold liquid in direct contact with hot components.

With an intelligent operation system (a PLC-based automatic control system), Minerbase immersion cooling container (L series) maintains chips’ temperature and reduces the amount of work required by humans when making decisions, which results in increased performance and efficiency. Equipped with the temperature and humidity monitoring system, Minerbase L series is able to adjust setting intelligently, which provides a superior overclocking environment for miners.


Optimized Power Usage Effectiveness

Utilize contra-flow closed immersion cooling technology, providing mining containers with better cooling efficiency and lower energy consumption for better hashrate calculation.


Higher Hashrate Performance

Immersion cooling technology provides a highly stable environment for overclocking, enabling mining equipment to work more efficiently and more profitable.


Versatile Operating Conditions

A PLC-based automatic control enables the mining box to regulate the cooling power according to cooling needs in different environments. This allows our cooling system to be as efficient as possible without drawing excessive power, ensuring it maximizes the available power being converted into hashrate.

Heat disspation demonstration of Minerbase immersion cooling mining container

Immersion Cooling Technology

For Crypto Mining

The immersion liquid cooling enables crypto mining containers to have better heat dissipation and is readily adapted to extreme weather conditions with high temperatures and high levels of humidity. Due to more stable operation and performance of the mining equipment, the immersion cooling technology shows higher long-term profitability.

Contra-flow closed cooling tower of Minerbase immersion cooling mining container'

Cooling Tower,

Risk Resistance

Minerbase’s exclusive design of the contra-flow closed cooling tower is extremely compatible for immersion cooling systems.

With a combination of air and water cooling methods, the cooling tower has a better cooling efficiency. This allows the cooling process to achieve high-temperature fluid cooling, boosting its cooling capability. Additionally, the contra-flow closed cooling tower is extremely energy efficient, given that the maximum evaporation rate of circulating water can be maintained at approximately 0.5%. Therefore, it works better for high-temperature environments than an open-cooling tower. It also provides great environmental protection, robust safety, support for a range of cooling mediums, and superior performance.

Energy Efficiency

The contra-flow closed cooling tower can achieve 0.01% (or less) drift rate.

Cooling Efficiency

Minerbase enables high-temperature medium cooling and double-cycle cooling modes (a combination of air cooling and liquid cooling)


Lower water quality requirements compared to dry coolers.

Please refer to the detailed water requirement here

Environmental Friendly

By using the contra-flow closed tower, Minerbase’s liquid solution will not pollute the environment.*

(The laboratory test performance provided above is for reference purposes only. Due to varying environmental, actual product performance may differ. )
*If the mining container is no longer in use, proper oil disposal with professional oil recycling services is required.

Product Particulars

Air Cooling A Series
Immersion Cooling D Series
Immersion Cooling L Series
Immersion Cooling T Series
Hydro Cooling W Series
ProductTypeMiner CapacityDelivery Date
Minerbase L20Immersion Cooling12060 Days
Minerbase L40Immersion Cooling24060 Days

*Antminer S19 is used as the reference model for the calculation of the total number of container slots.


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Specifications (L40)

Gross Weight

7830kg Approximately 7.8tons



Gross Dimension (In Millimeters)

About 12000mmx2400mmx2800mm (W x D x H)

Max Oil Temperature (℃)

In 45℃ Out 60℃

Cooling Medium

S3 X(Shell)

Heat Dissipation

Air Cooling Plus Water Cooling

Electricity Demand


Servers Capacity

240pcs (*Antminer S19 is used as the reference model for the calculation of the total number of container slots)

Monitoring Content

LCD Touch Control、Dual-Channel Temp & Humidity Monitor Through Web/APP、Temperature Sensor、 Trouble Lamp

Electrical Code

UL、CE、CSA (Alternative)

Transportation Standard

Certified By China Classification Society

Cooling Medium
Temperature and Humidity Monitor
Cooling Tower
Typical Physical Characteristics


Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid S3 X

Colour (Saybolt)



Density @15℃ kg/m3

ASTM D4052


Flash Point ℃



Pour Point ℃



Kinematic Viscosity @40℃ mm²/s



Kinematic Viscosity @0℃ mm²/s

ASTM D7042


Neutralisation Value mg KOH/g

IEC 62021-1




  • Always use cooling oil specified by the manufacturer of your mining equipment.
  • Make sure that the ambient temperature surrounding the oil tank is lower than the flash point, and keep any sources of heat that are greater than the flash point away from the box.
  • Carefully prevent direct skin contact. In the event of inadvertent contact, wash with soap and water immediately.

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